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Welcome to my background campaign material as well as the game tracking page for a science fiction themed RPG I'm hoping to run sometime in the future. This site will be where I put the adventure logs, game specific mechanics changes, notes on what has changed, supporting fiction and fluff, as well as a place to download character sheets, character pre-gens and other helpful material for the GM running the game (probably me) and the players. For any questions, please email me at: The previous Cypher campaign world is here:

The Journey Home : Background

Time Period: 2150, near future
Technology Level: mature warp drive technology, reactionless in-system thrusters, gravity control/gravity drives, efficient fusion reactors, crude black hole generation, cold-sleep technology, hand-held energy weapons (lasers, particle beams, ion rifles), mature hydrogen battery packs, specialized task-specific and non-sentient AI.
Galactic Cluster Location: Unknown
Local Cluster Location: Unknown
Galaxy: Irr II type galaxy, making it difficult to see distinct stars due to the dust clouds.
Star System: Hope System
Home Planet: Hope II, New Earth


A Continuing Story

Our story doesn't begin here, in the Hope system. It began 100 years ago, on humanity's home planet, Earth, in the Solar System.

For those of you Academy Graduates who have either forgotten your history, humanity's home star was called Sol, and our species was born on Earth, the third planet. It took a lot of effort, but humanity finally developed a faster than light drive, the Alcubierre Drive, a way of stretching space in front of a ship and expanding space behind a ship, creating a sort of bubble. Don't worry, the math works out. Power, materials and other technologies had finally matured to the point that this could be done in a practical manner.

Humanity, after having settled its own internal disputes during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Solar Wars, decided they needed to see what lay beyond their system. The first ship to be equipped with an Alcubierre Drive was the ESS Ryo-Ohki, a converted and armed merchantman reconfigured for long range exploration, long term sample taking and if necessary, armed conflict. The Ryo-Ohki was originally armed with 4 light lasers, 3 medium ion cannons, and 1 heavy gauss cannon, with the ECM Burst, Overwatch, Fast Fire and Attack Flourish special abilities. It carried a crew of 25, used a fusion plant for its power, reaction thrusters for manuevering, nuclear impulse engines for propulsion, 4 cargo modules and two shuttles for EVAs and planetary operations. It could originally operate for 60 days outside of the Solar System after it jumped using its Alcubierre Drive. The faster than light drives at the time traversed light speed fairly quickly, using up 5 hours for every light year traveled, but those engines could only activate at 882 million miles away from the Sun, between Jupiter and Saturn. It took quite a while to get there, because in those days, ships could only travel at 1 gravity, severely limiting their in-system speeds, as human bodies would start to suffer at speeds greater than that.

750px-Ryo-ohki map.png

The Mission

These are the voyages of the ESS Ryo-Ohki, its 5 year mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Much like the old dramas, the Ryo-Ohki and its crew explored the nearby systems, encountering hostile entities, like the Iilari a race of inscrutable von-neumann machines, the Si-Dek, who had been watching humanity for thousands of years, and the Romari Empire, an amalgam of races that had been conquered by In'orai. They also encountered .. humans, speaking and writing Sanskrit. They had been abducted by the Si-Dek, a race of slavers using and abusing many other races for technical and manual labor. The humans who escaped Si-Dek rule called themselves the janaH or in english, The People.

Cropped-st bridgescene final layered red.jpg

During this period of exploration of about two years, humanity reached out and made alliances as well as enemies. They managed to find an ancient shielded star system, that only let descendants of humanity in, which they soon colonized. They called this system 'Avidarsha', the sanskrit word for Heaven. Avidarsha has a stargate that can instantly transport 3 ships of freighter size at a time from the Gateway system, which is also similarly shielded, but is 200 light years from Earth. All seemed well for a time, but bodies started being born without souls, which were causing more and more incidents of seeming insanity and inexplicable crimes. When it was found that the souls were being taken to a distant point in space at super luminal speeds, the Ryo-Ohki was dispatched to find out what was going on.

The crew of the Ryo-Ohki followed the trail of clues and ended up in a system of seven planets seemingly made up of gold and inhabit by Angels, who could travel at a speed of 10 gravities through space, all without the need for suits or spacecraft. The crew landed on the main planet and mingled with the inhabitants for a while, finding out that the angels and their leader, namely one named Michael, who fancied himself an arch-angel were very arrogant and demanding. From their history, the crew figured out that these were the beings who had created created the Earth in the first place, engineering the planets and Earth itself for human life. However, they left due to a coming war, but now they needed the ship in order to get back to Earth in order to claim more souls for that war. The crew of the Ryo-Ohki were of course against this plan, and Captain Rook, the commanding officer, tried to make it back to their ship. Michael and his angels were angry and took them prisoner. Fortunately for the crew, one of the angels by the name of Lucifer helped them out, leading them to a place where they could de-stabilize the star and thereby make their escape. However, Lucifer himself was badly injured by the chaos afterwards and only managed to send the Ryo-Ohki, a factory ship and a colony ship to a system far far away, beyond the reach of even the ansible devices used for faster than light communication.


And this is where our story begins, 100 years after their arrival at the Hope system, it's time to go home.

Earth solar system.jpg