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Hyperlanes pre-generated characters[edit]

Below are the pre-generated characters that I've come up with so that anyone can get up and running with a game. These pre-gens are for the Hyperlanes campaign setting, where it is fairly easy to create a character if you already know how to generate a standard D&D 5e PC. In Hyperlanes, spells are replaced by 'gambits' and work almost exactly the same as spells do. The classes provided are built from the same classes in D&D 5e, so the characters get the same number of gambits and gambit slots as they would have for spells with the equivalent class. There are a few other terminology changes. Gambits are not cast, they are 'pulled' and cantrips are known as 'tricks'.

Ambassador Level 1[edit]

Ambassador pg1.jpg Ambassador pg2.jpg

Genius Level 1[edit]

Genius pg1.jpg Genius pg2.jpg

Muscle Level 1[edit]

Muscle pg1.jpg Muscle pg2.jpg

Outlaw Level 1[edit]

Outlaw pg1.jpg Outlaw pg2.jpg

Pilot Level 1[edit]

Pilot pg1.jpg Pilot pg2.jpg

Soldier Level 1[edit]

Soldier pg1.jpg Soldier pg2.jpg

Starships & Starwyrms Pre-generated characters[edit]

Below are the pre-generated characters that came with a demo of the Starships and Starwyrms setting so that anyone can get up and running with a game. These pre-generated characters are 1st level and represent some of the new classes available for the S&S setting that are entirely different from the D&D 5e classes, along with the new backgrounds available. Information on 2nd through 4th levels are also provided. However, the campaign states that the standard D&D 5e classes are also appropriate for play.

Marshall Level 1[edit]

BKMarshalSheet pg1.png BKMarshalSheet pg2.png BKMarshalSheet pg3.png BKMarshalSheet pg4.png

Oracle Level 1[edit]

BKOracleSheet pg1.png BKOracleSheet pg2.png BKOracleSheet pg3.png BKOracleSheet pg4.png

Psion Level 1[edit]

BKPsionSheet pg1.png BKPsionSheet pg2.png BKPsionSheet pg3.png BKPsionSheet pg4.png BKPsionSheet pg5.png

Scientist Level 1[edit]

BKScientistSheet pg1.png BKScientistSheet pg2.png BKScientistSheet pg3.png BKScientistSheet pg4.png BKScientistSheet pg5.png

Eezonite species, Herald Archetype, Marshal Class, Pilot Background, Level 4[edit]

Eezonite Herald Marshal Pilot pg1.png Eezonite Herald Marshal Pilot pg2.png Eezonite Herald Marshal Pilot pg3.png

Glabrau species, Crackshot Archetype, Fighter Class, Criminal Background, Level 4[edit]

Glabrau Fighter Crackshot Criminal pg1.png Glabrau Fighter Crackshot Criminal pg2.png Glabrau Fighter Crackshot Criminal pg3.png

Maeshar species, Time/Forever Young Archetype, Oracle class, Charlatan Background, Level 4[edit]

Maeshar Time Oracle Charlatan pg1.png Maeshar Time Oracle Charlatan pg2.png Maeshar Time Oracle Charlatan pg3.png

Wuther species, Medicine Archetype, Scientist class, Wealthy background, Level 4[edit]

Wuther Medicine Scientist Wealthy pg1.png Wuther Medicine Scientist Wealthy pg2.png Wuther Medicine Scientist Wealthy pg3.png

Esper Genesis pre-generated characters[edit]

Below are levels 1-2 of sample Esper Genesis classes and races. The classes and races are very different from standard D&D 5e and have a different playstyle. Much of the combat relies on ranged weapons and on the use of barriers and cover to protect yourself from them. Spells also interact with technology, yielding some interesting results. Spells in this campaign are called 'esper powers' and are powered by a campaign specific artifact.

Level 1, Adept - Eldori[edit]

L1-Adept-Eldori pg1.png L1-Adept-Eldori pg2.png L1-Adept-Eldori pg3.png

Level 1, Cybermancer - Ashenforged[edit]

L1-Cybermancer-Ashenforged pg1.png L1-Cybermancer-Ashenforged pg2.png L1-Cybermancer-Ashenforged pg3.png

Level 1, Engineer Medic - Dendus[edit]

L1-Engineer Medic-Dendus pg1.png L1-Engineer Medic-Dendus pg2.png L1-Engineer Medic-Dendus pg3.png

Level 1, Hunter - Valna[edit]

L1-Hunter-Valna pg1.png L1-Hunter-Valna pg2.png

Level 1, Melder- Human[edit]

L1-Melder-Human pg1.png L1-Melder-Human pg2.png L1-Melder-Human pg3.png

Level 1, Sentinel - Matokai[edit]

L1-Sentinel-Matokai pg1.png L1-Sentinel-Matokai pg2.png

Level 1, Specialist - Kesh[edit]

L1-Specialist-Kesh pg1.png L1-Specialist-Kesh pg2.png

Level 1, Warrior - Promethean[edit]

L1-Warrior-Promethean pg1.png L1-Warrior-Promethean pg2.png

Level 2, Adept - Eldori[edit]

L2-Adept-Eldori pg1.png L2-Adept-Eldori pg2.png L2-Adept-Eldori pg3.png

Level 2, Cybermancer - Ashenforged[edit]

L2-Cybermancer-Ashenforged pg1.png L2-Cybermancer-Ashenforged pg2.png L2-Cybermancer-Ashenforged pg3.png

Level 2, Engineer Medic - Dendus[edit]

L2-Engineer Medic-Dendus pg1.png L2-Engineer Medic-Dendus pg2.png L2-Engineer Medic-Dendus pg3.png

Level 2, Engineer Tinker - Dendus[edit]

L2-Engineer Tinker-Dendus pg1.png L2-Engineer Tinker-Dendus pg2.png L2-Engineer Tinker-Dendus pg3.png

Level 2, Hunter - Valna[edit]

L2-Hunter-Valna pg1.png L2-Hunter-Valna pg2.png L2-Hunter-Valna pg3.png

Level 2, Melder - Human[edit]

L2-Melder-Human pg1.png L2-Melder-Human pg2.png L2-Melder-Human pg3.png

Level 2, Sentinel - Matokai[edit]

L2-Sentinel-Matokai pg1.png L2-Sentinel-Matokai pg2.png L2-Sentinel-Matokai pg3.png

Level 2, Specialist - Kesh[edit]

L2-Specialist-Kesh pg1.png L2-Specialist-Kesh pg2.png

Level 2, Warrior - Promethean[edit]

L2-Warrior-Promethean pg1.png L2-Warrior-Promethean pg2.png

Tiny Frontiers - Revised pre-generated characters[edit]

Autoborg, XMP902[edit]

Autoborg - xpm902.PNG

Gen, Sasha[edit]

Gen - sasha.PNG

Human, Krin[edit]

Human - krin.PNG

Ilvian, Loralia[edit]

Ilvian - loralia.PNG

Khalumra, Ben Dawson[edit]

Khalumra - ben dawson.PNG

Salimar, Zextres[edit]

Salimar - zextres.PNG

Jkheri, Khenz[edit]

Jkheri - khenz.PNG

New Tiny Frontiers Heritages[edit]

Kzinti Rajah Pride[edit]

Kzinti are larger than humans, standing around 8 feet (2.4 m) tall and weighing around 500 pounds (230 kg). These tiger-sized bipeds have large membranous ears, a barrel-chested torso with a flexible spine, and large fangs and claws. One human gave an apt description of Kzin as "eight feet of death". The Rajah Pride are particularly in space combat and tend to put more weapons on their ships.

Kzinti Attributes

  • 7 Hit Points
  • Kzinti that design their own starships get +1 Weapon Systems, but at the cost of -1 Defense Systems. The Kzinti who designed the ship must be on the ship for that extra Weapon System to work.


The Garundi are a species born on heavy gravity worlds and have a much heavier skeleto-muscular structure than other heritages. They have powerful defenses and have the Armor Master trait.

Garundi Attributes

  • 8 Hit Points
  • Armor Master: You have mastered wearing armor like a second skin. When wearing any form of armor, you have an extra 3 Hit Points that must be lost before you take physical damage. These hit points cannot be healed, and must be restored by repairing your armor. It takes a full 8 hours to repair all 3 Hit Points.