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The Hope System[edit]

The Hope System is composed of three planets. Hope I (Faraday) is .5 AU from the star, Hope II (New Earth) is 1 AU away, while Hope III (Orint) is 5 AUs distance from the star. The star itself is a yellow main sequence star, perfect for sustaining life. There is an asteroid belt, and it is between New Earth and Orint, composed mainly of ice, rock and metals. The asteroid belt is thought to be the remnants of two proto planets that were broken apart by incoming asteroids and comets before they had a chance to properly form. The system is a fairly small one, but there aren't any really dangerous hazards other than the normal ones. There are no ancient artifacts that present an extraordinary danger, no intelligent life forms, no radiation bands sweeping the system or singularities.



Faraday is a small rock planet with an orbital radius of .5AU that is mostly uninhabitable. There are a few small bases on this world, as it is a good source of thorium, a fuel that can be used by more primitive fission reactors that don't need as much maintenance or technical handling as the more modern fusion torches. Most of the automated miners, refineries and factories on this world are controlled by an orbiting space station, where nearly all of the supervisors live and work. There is barely any military here, just a few defense satelites, one undersized picket of 3 frigates and one combat space patrol. The system picket fleets stop by, but that's only once a month or so.



Orint is a large planet that is 4X the size of Earth. It has an orbital radius of 5A with a gravity of 1.45 times of Earth and 10 moons. Most of the planet is composed of mostly hydrogen and helium with small amounts of methane. It is extremely cold there, with the hydrogen, helium and water precipitating into water-ammonia oceans and slush. The picket fleets scoop the hydrogen as fuel in order to prolong their operating periods here, and there are miners that gather and compress fuel in order to hold it for deliveries to power stations around the system. There is a small military outpost in orbit as well as on the poles of the planet's surface, with two picket fleets stationed on the biggest moons. This planet is somewhat important as it contains most of the fuel used in the system, so it is moderately protected.


New Earth[edit]

New Earth is .92 times the size of Earth, with a slightly lower gravity. It is mostly covered in water, with lots of large islands dotting its surface. It is well within the habitable band and has a good oxygen-nitrogen mix suitable for humans, as well as its own indigenous life forms. The introduction of earth plants and animals was a success and the those non-native life forms have thrived well within the various bio-spheres they've been introduced to, with only a minimum of genetic alterations. While the surface is covered in water, there are many deposits of metals underground, and automated miners are able to extract the ores safely, without polluting the areas around them. Because it's easy and cheap to lift the metals from the planet, most of the factories are out in space, in enormous stations built just for them, and the products shipped back down to the homes of the workers. All of the shipyards are also in space, with many defense satelites, combat space patrols and picket fleets guarding the planet from incursion.

New earth.jpg

Prime Defense Station[edit]

While there are many defense stations, there is one station that coordinates their actions as well as those of the system pickets: the Prime Defense Station. This particular space station sits in a stationary L5 point a little ways away from Orint, and offers an uninterrupted view of the star, as well as the planet it stands guard over. It has many ansibles in order to communicate with the picket fleets, as well as the other defense stations. The space around it is somewhat crowded with all of the merchant traffic checking in and out, combat space patrols and picket fleets checking in, as well as other ships docking there for inspections. There are numerous missile arrays on the station, as well as close in defense weaponry, and many electronic warfare devices. It is probably good enough to defend itself against a mid-size Iilari incursion, but not much larger than that. There hasn't been time to populate the system more in order to man the ships necessary and to train them for an effective defense.

800px-Prime earth defense.jpg

Mobile Response Groups[edit]

The Hope system is picketed by a large force of intra-system ships, all of which are equipped with Alcubierre drives. All of them have substantial gravity drives and fusion power plants. The typical picket squadron has a heavy cruiser, two destroyers and three frigates as its screening force. They’re there to intercept system incursions and to pursue for very short FTL flights. There is also a tug that’s towing an external rack filled with gigantic Orion missiles, each of which are filled with frozen water and sawdust, and are a quarter the size of a frigate. They’re meant to accelerate to relativistic speeds with their impulse engines and reduce to dust anything they meet. They’re very expensive and are to be used as a last resort.

There are four of these picket squadrons, each one having a quarter of the orbit outside of the asteroid belt. Each are headed by an officer of Commodore rank.

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