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The world built by the module writer has one purpose: to hold adventures and to have adventures in them. There were nine adventures written for this custom built setting, all of which were run in approximately seven months time and were run once every two weeks during most months. I'll present them here in chronological order. These are somewhat in a rough state, being mostly ideas that I wanted to present to the group and themes that I wanted to get out there, as well as trying to adhere to the 3 part play structure that so many stories have. None of these adventures would make good stand alone stories, as they cannot depend on the prose alone, and without the GM taking these ideas and bringing them to live or without the players to respond to them and make them their own, they're somewhat boring and derivative. But, I put them out here so that maybe someone can make use of them. In fact, many of the resulting adventures deviated widely from the written ideas and plot, necessitating a different direction for the next adventure.

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Adventure One - Graduation Day[edit]

You and your friends are students of a very middle of the road military academy called 'Karsten Military Academy', named after a military commander in one of Earth's Solar Wars. You still have a couple of years before graduation, but already, you and your peers can pilot starships, drive vehicles, fight in mechs, and are skilled in psionic and magical combat. They do, however, still have all of the stresses of adolescent life; adjusting to social pressure just adds to the performance requirements of academics and the military. But, even the most ready of the students are taken by surprise by a sudden attack from out of system, one that has somehow slipped past the system defenses ...

Adventure Two - Friends in Need[edit]

While you are safe for the moment, as the system defense forces gather to repel the enemy invasion, one question remains in the minds of everyone at headquarters. Where are their allies, the ones who have stood with them through the latest conflicts? Our adventurers are sent out to the stars to find out what's happened ..